1) Tim Worswick (ENG) hcp 11
2) Andy Brown (ENG) hcp 24 new player

3) Jon Lane (ENG) hcp 24 new player
4) Horst Poeppel (GER) hcp 22

5) Andrea Brancaccio (ITA) hcp 19

6) Keith Barnett (WAL) hcp 21
7) Michael Singer (USA) hcp 21

8) George Banting  (ENG) hcp 24
9) Stuart Southgate (ENG) hcp 20
10)  Martin Walters (ENG) hcp 21
new player
11)  Spencer Harvard-Walls (ENG) hcp 26 new player

Tee times and handicaps

10:00 Stuart S(20) – Keith B(21) – Tim W(11)

10:08 George B(24) – Jon L(24) – Horst P(22)  – Martin W(21)  


10:16 Andy B(24)  – Spencer HW(26) Michael S (21) - Andrea B(19)

1) Martin W (ENG) 39 points stb
2) Tim W (ENG) 38 (80 medal)
3) Andrea B (ITA) 36 (90 medal)
4) George B (ENG) 36 (95 medal)
5) Andy B (ENG) 34 (99 medal)
6) Horst P (GER) 33
7) Keith B (WAL) 31 (97 medal)
8) Jon L (ENG) 30  (101 medal)
9) Stuart S (ENG) 29

10) Spencer HW (ENG) 29

11) Michael S (USA) 23  (Hacker prize - Spaghetti Trophy - Fusilli, Passata Cirio, Tuna can and garlic)

NEAREST TO THE PIN at 14th hole: Tim W (ENG)
LONGEST DRIVE at 18th hole (par5): Andy B (ENG)


Another great edition played under a very mild weather, nowadays in Southern England it feels like being in a Mediterranean country, there were tomatoes growing almost everywhere!


Really well played by everyone (with the new entries Jon, Andy, Martin and Spencer. Thanks for joining). The pitch was in good shape all considered. No temporary greens and only a few mats.

Martin, the Smiling and Gentle Assassin, deservedly grabbed the title, Tim, runner-up again, found some solace in the nearest to the pin while

the two bombers, Stuart and Andy, fought for the longest drive. In the end, it was won by Andy for a few centimeters, checked using a military satellite from the CIA (Biden said "It's Andy")

and verified by a Chinese balloon too (Jinping apparently agreed with JB). A spectacular almost-eagle by Spencer at hole 4 (hit the flag with his second shot from 100 yards or so and then finished with birdie), chapeau! Generously, Michael offered his precious tuna can to Stuart, fishy fair play :)