1) Tim Worswick (ENG) hcp 11
2) Richie Wiltshire (ENG) hcp 18

3) Martin Dowling (ENG) hcp 18
4) Horst Poeppel (GER) hcp 22

5) Andrea Brancaccio (ITA) hcp 19

6) Keith Barnett (WAL) hcp 21
7) Tony Berry (ENG) hcp 9

8) George Banting  (ENG) hcp 24
9) Stuart Southgate (ENG) hcp 18
10) Daniel Berry (ENG) hcp 15
new player

Tee times and handicaps

10:00 Tony B(9) – Martin D(18) – Tim W(11)

10:08 Rich W(18) – Stuart S(18) – Horst P(22)  – Daniel B(15)  


10:16 George B(24)  – Keith B (21) Andrea B(19)

1) Keith B (WAL) 39 points stb
2) Tim W (ENG) 39 (79 medal)
3) Martin D (ENG) 38 (87 medal)
4) Daniel B (ENG) 37
5) Andrea B (ITA) 37 (89 medal)
6) Tony B (ENG) 36
7) George B (ENG) 36
8) Rich W (ENG) 32 (94 medal)
9) Horst P (GER) 32 (97 medal)

6) Stuart S (ENG) 31  (Hacker prize - Spaghetti Trophy - Tortiglioni and Passata Cirio)

NEAREST TO THE PIN at 6th hole: Tim W (ENG)
LONGEST DRIVE at 18th hole (par5): Horst P (GER)


“I had to pay 50 additional quid for playing under a very good and sunny Italian weather”
definitely it was worth doing it, next time I/we could also pay more for some Italian good food!

Really well-played by many, Stuart won his special trophy with 31 points!

At last, after his second place of last January, Keith (The  Welsh Machine) won the game with 39 points, the same as Tim (who scored a 79 medal),

but coming back stronger to the club-house, with 20 points on the second nine holes.

While Tim (again him yes) won the nearest to the pin (for the second time in his career at the Brancaccio Golf Days), Horst placed his "V2" 260 yards away from the tee.

A big roar by our Bavarian Tiger!
Tony defended his title nicely but was outplayed by his son Daniel (new entry) while our Deadly Quack (again third!) informed us that he is going to join the LIV tour

very soon :)