1) Michael Singer (USA) hcp 22

2) Horst Poeppel (GER) hcp 22

3) Andrea Brancaccio (ITA) hcp 20

4) David Emery (EU) hcp 24

5) Richie Wiltshire (ENG) hcp 18

6) Martin Dowling (ENG) hcp 16
7) Leon Perkins (FRA) hcp 20
8) Chris Dempsey (SCO) hcp 24
9) Luke Davidson (ENG) hcp 20
10) Mark Davidson (ENG) hcp 28


Tee times and handicaps

11:20 Luke D(20) – Mark D(28) – Martin D(16)

11:28 Horst P(22) – Leon P(20) – Richie W(18)


11:36 Michael S(22) – Chris D(24) – Dave E(24) – Andrea B(20)

1) Andrea B (ITA) 38 points stb (89 medal)
2) Leon P (FRA) 37
3) Michael S  (USA) 37
4) Luke D (ENG) 36
5) Richie W (ENG) 35 (90 medal)
6) Horst P (GER) 33
7) Martin D (ENG) 33
8) Chris D (SCO) 29 (103 medal)
9) David E (ENG) 29
10) Mark D (ENG) 25 (Hacker prize - Bag of Tortiglioni)

NEAREST TO THE PIN at 6th hole: Luke D (ENG)
LONGEST DRIVE at 13th hole (par4): Leon P (FRA)


Dear All,

It was another great game of golf. Thanks a lot to everyone for playing!
The weather was ok, no sun but no rain ;)


Course was dry and average scores were good I reckon. I think some important scores were produced and quite a few bits of good golf. For example, in my game Dave (birdie-par-birdie over the 4th, 5th and 6th holes) and Michael (41 shots) played sensationally over the first 9 holes. Luke Skywalker won the nearest to the Guinness trophy at hole 6th but Dave almost got him and he scored a birdie there (!). Longest drive was our French star Leon who was a bit of a “cannibal” this time (in the absence of Warren!) because with 37 pts he won also some good Carlsberg beers. The American Budweiser went to Michael (37 too), quite logical! Richard, Chris and myself were the only one posting an overall medal score. Mark “Mickelson” played well too, but he got the notorious “bag of Tortiglioni Prize”. Horst played well and enjoyed also his Moretti trophy for our Fantasy Premier League game (2nd overall!). Klasse gemacht!


Paraphrasing Martin, a friendly “Quack” to everyone and see you next time (possibly towards the end of September).